An exceptionally dry and hot region in the Southeast, Duskeron is a predominantly desert area. Following Pangaea’s terraforming efforts, Duskeron was noted for being generally dry arid, thus colonists typically settled on the other three quadrants of Thanabus. During the Catastrophe, planetoid fragments predominantly impacted the interior of Sevrend, sending dust upwards. Wind patterns sent the brunt of these sandstorms to Duskeron, destroying what little flora lived there and turning the region into a perpetual red desert. Nevertheless, the territory’s population grew as many congregated, to form the Dusker Trading Company. The denizens sustain themselves in a loose society of foragers; they live off of scraps and reassemble what they find into practical applications. Their primary industry is ore, which is the most plentiful here. Clothing is predominantly made from flowing, tattered cloth, while the architecture is ramshackle, yet maintains congruent, streamlined shapes. At this juncture, Duskeron is a trade hub ruled by Trade King Noss Scarrow of the Dusker Trading Company. Though not a subject as of yet, the Republic has mounted significant pressure, threatening to annex Duskeron for its ore trade, prompting the King to reconsider his options.

Wasteland of Wanderers

After nine hundred years of terraforming, at the onset of humanity’s colonization of Thanabus, one quadrant of the formerly vacant moon retained its desolate visage. Duskeron came to bear an arid red desert that colonists were none too eager to explore. Rather, it would serve as a crossroads for trade routes for the settlers from Pangaea.

Dusker History

Following the arrival and destruction of Starzhen, a horrific ejection of dust swept across Thanabus. Winds carried the lion’s share of this unnatural storm to the arid lands of Duskeron, disabling and burying the sophisticated technology under its desert visage, now hotter than ever.

After the literal dust settled, traders returned to Duskeron to find it a junkyard to the horizon, littered with the machines that had once served them unquestioningly in the other regions of Thanabus. Without a home or a way of life, these sufferers started anew, salvaging their contraptions for scraps and building homes and armor, to compensate uncertain future.

Over the subsequent hundreds of years, some fared better than others. At the center of Duskeron, one particular family, the Scarrows, became dominant, as a massive fortification of retrofitted parts took the shape of the metropolis of Majda. The Dusker Trading Company became a monarchy, with the ruler being the Trade King – all who do trek and do business in Duskeron do so with his blessing.

Where power is seen, envy follows. Over the recent years, the autonomy of Duskeron has been put to the test by the Republic – the undisputed rulers of the northern hemisphere of Thanabus. Though the agency of the Dusker people remains intact, Majda is always mindful of the power and influence their northern neighbors have over the moon.

The Land Today

The dry land of Duskeron is a harsh bastion of scavengers and traders, extending over an entire quarter of Thanabus. The governance of the ruling Dusker Trading Company is consistent, yet tepid; adventurers would be wise to assume the worst of their fellow man in this deceitful frontier. Machines from an age lost aimlessly wander, threatening the way of life for the peaceful and giving a test of mettle for the brave. Those who survive live off scrap parts, retrofitting them into weaponry, armament and goods for trade.

Capital: Majda

In the wake of the Catastrophe, those who had the misfortune of finding themselves walking the red wastes faced a power vacuum unlike any the uninhabited land had seen. From this vacuum came the consolidation of resources, in the shape of a fledgling community at the center of the Dusker landscape. This settlement came to adopt the name Majda, governed by the newly-formed Dusker Trading Company. Over the next hundreds of years, the ramshackle structures built from scraps took even more eccentric forms, with a grand high-vaulted palace looming over an expansive cityscape, hallmarked by bazaars, close quarters and a labyrinth of alleys.

Ruler: Noss Scarrow

Once a street urchin with no surname who suffered under the boot of the Dusker Trading Company, Noss was presented to the Trade King by his mentor, Emrys, the Vizier. With Emrys’ counsel, the Trade King adopted Noss and raised him as his successor to the family name. Reflecting on his past life, Noss Scarrow became a beacon of kindness for Duskeron by adulthood. By happenstance, he eventually found his lost childhood love, Mere Riener, had fallen under the boot of Dusker forces, prompting him to rescue her and bring her safely to the palace. The two were married and ascended to the throne with the Trade King’s passing. Together, they would improve the quality of life for the less fortunate of Majda. However, their kindness could not cease all tragedy; Mere Scarrow died while giving birth to their son, Mars. Now, with the Republic pressuring Noss to bend, the King looks to settle for peace, while setting a good example for not only his son, but for all who would follow him to the ends of the world.