A region in the Northwest that is predominantly comprised of arctic tundra and high mountains, Ediseau is the seat of power for the Republic. Featuring the original landing site of the Pangaean colonists, Ediseau hosted the brunt of the population, in addition to the hotbed of Governor Beau Abel’s political infrastructure. With the Catastrophe and the subsequent crash of the Skyder, most of the population was decimated and the land’s naturally frigid climate was only exasperated by the malfunctioning terraforming device. Every stormy cloud has a silver lining, however; the remnants of the population – the founders of the Republic – discovered that their altered lands were blessed with massive amounts of ores and a reinvigorated animal population. As such, Ediseau has remained the rustic focal point of Thanabus, with its seemingly endless wealth allowing for the brunt of the moon to divert their rebuilding efforts into it. The rugged land is but a taste of the Republic’s culture—the people wear heavy fur cloaks, drink strong ales and maintain a grip of noble savagery over the brunt of Thanabus.

Frigid Saviors

In the wake of Pangaea’s terraforming exploits, the northern hemisphere of Thanabus was blessed with a lush and stable habitat called Solarwood Forest. The western half of the biome was designated as the ideal landing and colonization site. In the shadow of the idle terraforming machine, the Skyder, a colony was established and thrived, thanks to the guidance of Governor Beau Abel.

Edisean History

When the events of the Catastrophe transpired, massive fragments from Starzhen’s planetoid body entered Thanabus’ atmosphere and showered the world in destruction. Fragments cut through the Skyder, sending the massive contraption plummeting into the civilization below. The Skyder bombastically released massive amounts of energy in unmitigated bursts, obliterating forests and transforming the very land into a new biome.

As the dust settled, so too did the snow. The Edisean people shivered as they congregated around the husk of Governor Abel’s home. From the smoky ruins emerged the Governor’s young assistant, Arch Claudius, who informed the people that their beloved leader had perished. The survivors rallied around Claudius, who vowed to keep order through a provisional government, until there would be an answer from Pangaea.

To compensate for the new arctic climate, the Ediseans reprioritized their survival means. They logged fervently and quickly constructed massive wooden homes with roaring fires. Pelts from indigenous beasts became a commodity and soon the frigid survivors found comfort in their leather armor and flowing fur coats.

Months after the Catastrophe, a lone spacecraft arrived in Ediseau. The pilot informed the people that Pangaea had collapsed in a war triggered by the bitterness from the loss of the fleet during the battle with Starzhen. With their worst fears confirmed, the provisional government solidified their power by officially reorganizing into the Republic, with Claudius as the President.

The Republic spread its wings and brought the rest of the northern hemisphere into its fold, to the joy of the people. Many questions were raised, however, as Ediseau looked south, towards the lands of Duskeron and Sevrend. The people of Duskeron, under the protection of the Dusker Trading Company, opted to remain autonomous. Meanwhile, Sevrend was but a prison colony – a refuse for scoundrels and criminals to stew in toxic forests and wastelands.

Over the subsequent hundreds of years, the culture and customs of Ediseau have only been strengthened – along with the Republic’s political influence. Due to the damage from the Catastrophe, brought about by globalism and technology, Ediseau looks to bring all across Thanabus under the just rule of the Republic.

The Land Today

Once a humid forest, Ediseau is now a snowy frontier, with a dry and cold atmosphere that permeates to the bone with every gust of wind. Half the trees died with the coming of the new climate, leaving the land exposed – an arctic tundra bordering a white forest. Bodies of water dot the landscape, with frozen and perspiring ones contrasting those found anywhere else on Thanabus. Lining the eastern edge of the region is the mountain range called the Hills of Creation, making for a natural barrier between Ediseau and Solarwood – the two regions constituting the undisputed Republic territory.

Capital: Skyder

Once, during the expansive age of Pangaea, the mighty Skyders terraformed the most inhospitable of worlds. With the death and destruction of Starzhen, the one assigned to Thanabus plummeted into the Edisean surface. Now only partially operable, the disabled Skyder is the eponymous seat of power for the Republic. The inside of the spider-like structure is a reconstituted labyrinth of walkways and winding corridors. The latent abilities of Skyder remain a mystery for all but the uppermost circles of the Republic’s hierarchy.

Ruler: Arch Claudius

There are many mysteries surrounding the denizens making their way on Thanabus – but none compare to the mystery of the President of the Republic, Arch Claudius. Born in 3195, Claudius is the sole surviving inhabitant of Thanabus from Mars… and the only bicentennial man. An original colonist and pupil of Governor Beau Abel, Claudius’ wisdom concerning rulership was already exemplified before Pangaea collapsed and his rallying call to all of Thanabus. With inexplicable grace, charisma and longevity, Claudius has spent his 235 years as President as a unifier for the Republic – as well as the purveyor of controlling interests in the neighboring sovereign regions. The secrets of Claudius’ powers remain a mystery, with the general consensus being that he represents providence; a guide chosen by powers beyond our ignorant comprehension.