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Once an advanced, colonized moon of the interplanetary government of Pangaea, all was changed for Thanabus when a godlike entity called Starzhen triggered an apocalyptic event dubbed the “Catastrophe”.

In the wake of the devastation, the survivors rallied around the young pupil of the late Governor and created a provisional government called the Republic. Hundreds of years later, its rule perseveres, yet new forces have risen and challenge its rule over the northern hemisphere.

Around every corner, unseen machinations are afoot and there are more questions than ever before. Will you unravel the great mystery?

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Our Ancient Heritage

The current year of 3460 represents the culmination of great influences rising, falling and clashing against one another. Unwind the spool of time. Beyond the Catastrophe. Beyond the formation of the interplanetary government of Pangaea. To the end of the string – the earliest recorded days of 2200 – when humanity realized its place in the universe. Learn of how we arrived here – how the future of Thanabus is as uncertain as ever, now that the powers to be have realized their moves…

Embark on Epic Adventures

Thanabus is full of epic adventures!

Gone are the boring fetch quests, replaced instead with epic tales and daring exploits that take you on a heroic journey through the world, where you’ll get acquainted with the most fearless rulers, sordid merchants, and kind-hearted farmers.

You’re in complete control of when you want to start a new quest, and most quest-lines can be completed in whichever order you prefer, giving you the ultimate freedom to explore.

This is your journey, and your tale to tell.

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