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Thanabus is a world of unknown origin, unlike anything found around the seven planets that orbit the Sun. Tidally locked and in an everlasting binary orbit with Ganymede, this strange moon of Jupiter bares a rich ecosystem, filled with vibrant locations and an exotic bestiary, foreign to our understanding. Devastated hundreds of years ago by an apocalyptic event, the world has since been quartered into four glorious regions, ripe for heroes to lay claim to. The path to adventure winds everywhere, from the lowest dungeon to the highest peak. Where will you step in?

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4 Unique Regions to Explore

Starting your journey in Ember Sword means picking a region to become your home on Thanabus. Each region has a distinct nature biome where certain resources naturally thrive and are more easily accessible than in other regions, and while you can traverse the entire world and explore everything Thanabus has to offer, your home region is where you spawn when you die, and it’s where you’ll start most of your epic adventures.

Each region is split into Kingship, Wilderness, and Outlaw territories, each of which offers unique gameplay objectives, from camp control PvP to epic open-world boss battles.

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Become a Caravan Trading Merchant

Each region in Ember Sword is full of rare resources. Gather those unique to your home region and launch a caravan across the dangerous Outlaw Territories into foreign lands to sell your goods to other players for a pretty penny.

But be careful! The slow caravans make you an easy target for thieves hiding in the Outlaw Territories, so team up with your friends and allies to protect you on your journey.

Region: Solarwood

Though once devastated and halved by the Catastrophe, the subsequent hundreds of years have been kind to what remains of Solarwood. The forest is an expansive, serene territory that features a sea of trees and rolling hills with footpaths that follow the contours of the land. Simple farms dot the land, with ancient structures, styled by ancestors from Pangaea, remaining as monumental reminders of what once was – for better and for worse. The western border shared by Ediseau is lined by the towering mountain range called the Hills of Creation, where only the most affluent maintain private residences.

Region: Duskeron

The dry land of Duskeron is a harsh bastion of scavengers and traders, extending over an entire quarter of Thanabus. The governance of the ruling Dusker Trading Company is consistent, yet tepid; adventurers would be wise to not trust the respect of conniving bandits in this deceitful frontier.

Machines from an age aimlessly wander, threatening the way of life for the peaceful and giving a test of mettle for the brave. Those who survive live off scrap parts, retrofitting them into weaponry, armament, and goods for trade.

Region: Ediseau

Once a humid forest, Ediseau is now a snowy frontier, with a dry and cold atmosphere that permeates to the bone with every gust of wind. Half the trees died with the coming of the new climate, leaving half the land exposed – an arctic tundra bordering a white forest. Bodies of water dot the landscape, with frozen and perpetrating ones contrasting those found anywhere else on Thanabus. Lining the eastern edge of the region is the mountain range called the Hills of Creation, making for a natural barrier between Ediseau and Solarwood – the two regions constituting the undisputed Republic territory.

Region: Sevrend

Sevrend is a land checkered with many shades of death. The brunt of the region is an overgrown jungle, comprised of close and heated air, nestling the poisonous fauna. The deep interior is a stark contrasting; a wasteland of ash and rocks from Starzhen’s world. The Catastrophe split the very plates of Thanabus into fragments, creating jagged cliffs and bottomless fissures spewing chartreuse flames and fumes. Where the jungle has regrown – in the presence of fragments – the vines hug tightly to the surfaces of the alien rocks.

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